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Our mission is to foster inter-cultural communications by making language education accessible to a global audience to succeed socially, intellectually and economically.

We are happy you are here! You must need to learn a new language, welcome!!

Language is essential to communication, without it, we could not express our feelings, desires, and queries to the people around us. The power of communication is often overlooked, but not here at LingoHut. We understand language skills are essential to building a strong communication foundation for yourself. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to be empowered and confident with language, no matter what their education and socioeconomic status. Strong language skills are an asset that will promote a lifetime of successful communication.

Being unable to communicate in a country is similar to living with a serious impairment; it is tough and near impossible, to adapt and get along with new people if there is no way to communicate with one another. At LingoHut, we have developed a site teaching useful everyday language skills to commence communicating with others immediately. We want you to succeed and thrive!

Two of us took on this challenge in 2012 to help others improve their communication skills when assimilating into a new culture. To our surprise, we are not only helping people moving from their country, but we are helping students, teachers, volunteers, senior citizens, travelers, and tourists all needing to learn the basics of a new language.

Kendal - Language Teacher

Raised in Nicaragua, Kendal has been teaching foreign languages for over 27 years. She has a strong passion for education and helping others. At the age of 13, Kendal was forced out of Nicaragua, immigrated to the United States without her family where she discovered the importance and power of learning a new language.

Kendal’s teaching experience assisted her in developing the curriculum and what methods to implement into LingoHut’s platform to provide language learning success.


Philipp – Information Technologist and Software Engineer

As a native Dutch speaker living in America, he has firsthand experience with learning a foreign language and understands the challenges involved when moving to a new culture.

Philipp is an expert information technologist and software engineer with over 30 years of experience. He has developed the LingoHut vision into a user-friendly platform that is helping people practice, learn and enjoy new languages all around the planet.


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