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Penitential Rite - Acto Penitencial (Catholic)


I confess to almighty God
Yo confieso ante Dios todopoderoso
and to you, my bothers and sisters,
y antes vosotros, hermanos,
that I have sinned though my own fault
que he pecado mucho
in my thoughts and in my words
de pensamiento, palabra, obra y omisión
in what I have done, and in what I have failed to do
por mi culpa, por mi culpa, por mi gran culpa
and I ask blessed Mary, ever virgin
por eso ruego a santa Maria, siempre Virgen
all the angels and saints
a los ángeles, a los santos
and you, my bothers and sisters,
y a vosotros, hermanos,
to pray for me to the lord our God
que intercedáis por mi ante Dios, Nuestro Señor