Anna Alonzi an Italian teacher looking to help students

Anna is one of the teachers that has joined LingoHut team. Please help me to welcome her. Anna is looking for students who are interested in learning Italian. She would love to give you private lessons. If you need to contact Anna please email us and we will send you her contact information.


Introduction of Anna Alonzi

It was a day in April and I was sick in my bed when some news arrived by a friendly email to my husband. The mail invited us to evaluate a job proposal across the ocean. Our first approach was to give them a positive feedback about this and everything started from there. However, on second thought, we felt said thinking of how many thinks we were going to leave like family, friends and so on. The kids played an important role in our decision and because of them we decided to leave.

1. My personal history in nutshell
My name is Anna Alonzi and I’m Italian, a biologist, a wife, a mother of two kids, and now I’m an expat.
I’ve been working in the Pharmaceutical field for fifteen years. I have started my career working in an Italian biotech company, but later I continued to work in several big American Pharmaceutical companies, even though in an Italian context. After many years, I decided to move to United States (California) to join an opportunity living abroad. During this time, I worked in a couple of big American pharmaceutical companies. Actually, I have to say that I started my expat experience when I was 5 years old in South America. Because of my dad’s work, all the family moved over there and we spent 4 years living in Venezuela.

2. What I’m doing now
Currently, I’ve been living in California for 3 years, working in the pharmaceutical fields but also trying to survive with our new life. I’m raising two kids who talk perfectly in two languages, Italian and English. This was our goal and we think that now we reached it. Moreover, I’m enjoying the Californian life, the extraordinary weather, and the local food. During these 3 years, we had totally a blast.

3. My future desire
Taking into account my job experience and my personal life experience, my passion is to learn languages but most important to me is to try to learn how to survive in different environments, out of our comfort zone, and the language is just a part of it. After having experienced several changes in my life I found some personal “escamotage” to adapt myself to different situations and different countries. In light of that, my desire would be the possibility to share it with all people, who are going to move abroad (Italy or USA) some tips, but also some feeling. We cannot forget that, during the period approaching the moving abroad, most of the feelings are concerns. Finding someone who can explain, step by step and in your language, what it is going on can help you to successfully face the challenges up. This is true not only for a family in its everyday life but also for managers that are going to move in a different country for working. It is important for example to know that several job environment habits in a country are not adapted or totally unappropriated in another one.

Starting from the beginning is my job. Every time an experience is done, I became richer and satisfied, in one word: more human being. Every moving step in my life has been a fundamental experience and now with whole family involved in this trip it is even more fascinating.

Because, as a dear friend said about me: you were born emigrant. So do I.

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